Emergency Preparedness Plan for a Customer in Wisconsin

We just completed a slew of facilities in Wisconsin. In case you didn’t know we have plans integrated in facilities across the United States. Some states include New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Iowa, Georgia, California and the list goes on. We offer a full service Emergency Preparedness Plan and help with the integration. Look at this sample text from a facility in WI that we provide.


Send the following email immediately. Note that a response/approval is not necessarily required from this emergency preparedness official.

To: afreeman@waukeshacounty.gov cc ggoodchild@waukeshacounty.gov

Subject: Updated Emergency Preparedness Plan

Message: To Whom This May Concern:
Please see the attached updated disaster plan for FACILITY, located at ADDRESS.
I would welcome the opportunity to review this disaster manual with you and/ or your department. Please let me know if we can set up a time to review this together.
Also, please be aware that our facility would benefit by participating in a community based/ multi-facility emergency preparedness drill. Please let me know if you are involved in, or are aware of, any such drill that our facility could participate in.
Thank You.

Attachment: Include a PDF of the updated Emergency Preparedness Plan


Not only do we provide the plan, but we also provide email ready templates with exact instructions on how to send them, where to send them and when to send them.


What can I say – our customers only have praises for our product.

What are you waiting for? Challenge us to make your facility’s plan.


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