Something New Coming Here

Okay so I’m sworn to secrecy and I’m not allowed to say what, but what I want to say is that something cool is coming here. Now I know all of you are probably thinking that I’m just trying to make some hype, or generate publicity to a website that has approximately 50 unique views a week.


But I’m serious something new is coming here. Something real cool. Something that you didn’t see happening. Something so cool then I’m 5 years from now you going to come back to this post and say hey he warned us. This is going to take the industry by surprise.


Really that’s what you’re doing?

I could have guessed it and makes so much sense. I mean why didn’t I think of that. Bible Bible Bible and just much more words to fill up this word post to make it look like it’s written well and long and sounds good but there’s nothing else to say that it’s going to be cool. Yeah it’s going to be the next thing. Rechnitz it’s going to wish that he thought of this.


Oh my gosh oh my gosh you’re so excited now right? You’re not?! Do you want a hint. Give me a hint right now! I’m sorry but the legal team has forbade me from giving out any hints fear that the SEC is going to not allow us our planned IPO, because we’re thinking of taking this private. #elonmusk. Okay okay we’re not going public you got us.


But it will be big.

You heard it here first August 28 2018.

Basically what we’re going to do is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x








That sounds good no?





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