Promulgation Statement by Administrator

What should the Promulgation statement look like?

I prepared this Emergency Preparedness Plan which sets forth the general policies; and, procedures to be carried out in the event of an emergency. This plan provides the residents and employees of XYZ Rehabilitation & Healthcare with an integrated emergency response plan designed to minimize the loss of life and property during an emergency.

All departments assisted in the development of this plan. This disaster manual shall be sent to municipal, county and state emergency management officials. I will request an annual meeting with county and municipal emergency management coordinators to review this
document, and to ensure that the procedures of this document are in coordination the procedures of the county and municipal emergency management coordinators.

I, the Administrator, act as the disaster planner for XYZ Rehabilitation & Healthcare. I, the Administrator of XYZ Rehabilitation & Healthcare have read, understand, agree; and do hereby approve this Emergency Preparedness Plan. This Emergency Plan is hereby promulgated as the Emergency Response Guideline Document for Emergency Preparedness Operations in XYZ Rehabilitation & Healthcare.
Copies of this Emergency Preparedness Plan shall be provided and/or made available to all those named in the distribution list.
Administrator: John Doe, LNHA


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